Recently, two new panel designs in the popular Carriage House Collection were introduced. The two designs, models 305 and 306, offer homeowners beautifully unique choices for their garage doors.

Carriage-House-Model-305Model 305 combines old-world charm with a modern door and features a flush panel with rails and stiles outlining each door section, creating a unique style that will complement a wide variety of homes.


Model 306 is a modified design, featuring wide middle panels and narrow panels toward the sides for a more progressive look.


These distinctive carriage house designs and superior insulated steel construction combine to create the harmonious balance of elegance and strength that has always been a part of our Carriage House Collection.

Contact us for more information about all of our unique and exclusive residential garage door collections; we have the one that is perfect for your home!

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2015-Womens-Choice-Award-logoCongratulations to Overhead Door in the US for winning the 2015 Women’s Choice Award in the Garage Door Category – for a fourth consecutive year! The award is based on a national survey in the US of more than 5,000 women who all selected Overhead Door as the garage door brand of choice that they would most recommend to others.

This award is significant to us in many ways. First launched in 2007, the Women’s Choice Awards have become the number one source for the best brands, businesses and services recommended by women in the US. It has set a standard for helping consumers (especially women) make wise purchase decisions based on the experiences and knowledge of others.

We’re very proud of this recognition as it lets us know that the products we sell and the level of service we offer have continued to meet and satisfy our customer’s needs. We are very proud of the products we carry and to know that our customers recognize this has definitely been a source of pride for us.

Check out the congratulatory video from Delia Passi, founder of the Women’s Choice Award:

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Rollshutter2We’re used to seeing roll shutters in commercial applications, but recently there has been a trend toward including them in residential designs.

As more people are installing them, they’re finding that the properties that make them ideal for commercial applications make them good for home use, too.

Because they’re usually made of metal, roll shutters are much more secure than the windows and doors they cover. They’re opaque, so would-be intruders don’t know what’s inside. Most criminals are opportunists, and will be deterred by the extra hassle that roll shutters pose to them. They’ll also protect your home in the event of a severe weather event, by ensuring that your windows remain secure even if the winds are high enough to throw debris around.

Roll shutters keep sunlight out, which keeps air conditioning costs down. In winter, they’ll help keep the heat created by your furnace in. They can also greatly reduce the level of noise that gets into your home from outside, which makes them ideal for shift workers who need to sleep soundly in the daytime.

Better than Blinds or Curtains
Roll shutters can be opened or closed at a moment’s notice, to allow air and light to flow into the house, or to completely close your windows and doors. Because they close completely, they provide maximum privacy for you and your home’s occupants.

Overhead Door of Winnipeg can help you keep on top of this trend. Contact us online, by telephone at (204) 233-8621, or visit our showroom at 470 Des Meurons Street in Winnipeg. If you’re in the Brandon and surrounding area, call us at (204) 725-0540 or visit us at 17th Street East & Patricia Avenue in the Southview Industrial Park.

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All overhead doors, even the quietest ones, make some noise. We just push the button to open or close the door and ignore the sound it makes. Sometimes, however, a noise can slowly progress beyond the normal sound of operation, becoming an indicator of a problem with the door or the opener. Many times, we miss the warning signs, and the first sign of a garage door problem is a total failure.

noisygaragedoorNext time you open or close your garage door, listen for these signs of impending trouble. Many times, a little prevention can restore your garage door’s trouble-free service.

Noise in the Operator
The operator is the electric motor and the drive mechanism that raises and lowers the door. A little humming is to be expected, but listen for excessive groaning or grinding sounds from the motor box. If you hear the metallic rattle of loose chain hitting the rail of the opener, have it adjusted. They can stretch over time.

Noise in the Door
Grinding – often indicates a problem with the hinges or the rollers. They’ll need to be adjusted or replaced.

Squeaking – some minor squeaks are normal, as the hinges, rollers, springs, cables and pulleys move up and down with the door, especially as the changing seasons cause wooden materials to expand and contract, affecting the door’s alignment slightly. If the noise seems to have gotten louder, there’s a chance that the door needs lubrication or adjusting.

Crashing Noises/Jolting Door – a major problem, like a broken spring or the cable off the drum can cause this. So can a misadjusted force/limits adjuster.

For expert diagnosis and service you can trust, Overhead Door of Winnipeg online or by telephone at (204) 233-8621 in the Winnipeg area and (204) 725-0540 in the Brandon area.

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Increased Livability
An awning extends your building’s windows and doors into outdoor space visually and functionally. An awning over your patio will shelter it from sun and light precipitation, allowing you to use it when you’d otherwise have to head inside.

Climate Control
awnings-home2Awnings over your windows and doors keep the sun off the glass, which will reduce the amount of heat that gets transferred to the interior of your home. As a result, your air conditioning costs will be less.

UV Reduction
The sun’s ultraviolet radiation can be quite damaging to your home’s interior – particularly flooring or fabric furniture placed near a window. By using awnings to provide shade, you can protect your floors and furniture from damage and discoloration due to sunlight.

Curb Appeal
In addition to being functional, awnings can add a splash of colour to your home’s exterior. They provide accents to the rectangular shape of your home’s windows and doors, making the appearance of the exterior more welcoming.

Overhead Door of Winnipeg is proud to be the area’s exclusive source for Durasol Awnings for residential applications. We offer SunGuard® Topaz and SunCatchers® in a wide array of styles and colours to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

To find out more about the range of awnings we sell and install, contact Overhead Door of Winnipeg online, by telephone at (204) 233-8621, or visit our showroom at 470 Des Meurons Street. In Brandon and surrounding communities, you can find us in the Southview Industrial Park at 17th Street East & Patricia Avenue, or call us at (204) 725-0540 or toll free 1-888-215-3473.

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At Overhead Door of Winnipeg, we’re proud to serve a wide range of local clients. Our products and services are available to residential and commercial customers alike. Here are some of the commercial services that we’re happy to offer.

Garage Doors
We offer a wide range of doors to suit the needs of our business clients. We have sectional steel doors (some insulated with Thermacore® 850), roll-up doors for locations where space is at a premium, fire doors rated to NFPA-80 standards, and security grilles. We also sell aluminum glass doors that provide exceptional aesthetic value in highly visible locations. Our experienced sales staff and highly-trained service crew can get your location outfitted with new doors in less time than you’d think and at a very competitive price point.

We provide, install, and maintain some of the most reliable automatic door operators on the market today. They’re built to withstand the rigors of even the busiest operations, giving consistent service over the long haul with minimal need for maintenance.

Awnings and Screens
Overhead Door of Winnipeg is the exclusive dealer of Durasol Awnings for commercial applications. Awnings make your business more inviting by adding a splash of colour and style to your building’s exterior, create usable outdoor space by providing shelter from the elements, and reduce your energy costs by keeping the sun’s heat and ultraviolet radiation outside during hot days. Available in many sizes, colours, and styles (including the Sunguard® Romanza line of polycarbonate stationary awnings), Durasol’s line of products provides exceptional value for our customer’s dollar.

Roll Shutters
We provide roll shutters from Pentagon Security Shutters. These very secure shutters provide a neat and clean security solution that is attractive when closed, and fully retractable so they disappear when you’re open for business.

Dock Equipment
Overhead Door stocks loading dock equipment – doors, dock levelers, vehicle restraints, as well as seals and shelters. Keep your shipments rolling in (or out) smoothly with the best products in the business, professionally installed by our technicians.

Overhead Door of Winnipeg can be reached online, by telephone at (204) 233-8621, or by visiting our showroom at 470 Des Meurons Street. In Brandon and surrounding communities, call us at (204) 725-0540 or visit us at 17th Street East and Patricia Avenue.

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Overhead Door of Brandon, a division of Overhead Door of Winnipeg, has been providing Brandon & Southwestern Manitoba with top quality products and professional service since 1974.

Family owned and operated in Manitoba for 3 generations, your local Overhead Door team provides over 80 years of technical expertise in the door industry. Overhead Door of Brandon is proud of our Ribbon Logo and our commitment to innovation and excellence in servicing cities, towns and communities in Southwestern Manitoba.

With this in mind our Pro Service Program was born 10 years ago and has proven to be a cost effective maintenance program for our rural communities.

The savings for each customer is on mileage, with a minimum of two-service calls per call out and cost divided. It also minimizes both downtime and repair expenses – decreasing the door, operator and dock equipment problems.

Call our Pro Service Department in Brandon to be added to our customer list for out of town service at 204-725-0540.

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A Cost vs. Value Report was conducted in the U.S. to compare the average cost of 36 popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale.

Nationally, garage door replacement resulted in 88.4% of costs recouped on average. Compare that to a more common renovation project such as a major kitchen remodel, which results in an average of 67.8% of costs recouped, and you can see why garage door replacement is not only one of the more effortless home renovation projects that you can tackle, but also one of the more lucrative projects.

Homeowners may not naturally think of garage door replacement as a home renovation, but with the array of styles and models available today, the benefits of a new garage door could extend beyond the resale value of your home.

Increased home security, increased energy savings, enhanced appearance of the home, and a reduction in time spent on garage door maintenance are just some of the benefits a new garage door owner can expect.

Contact the team at Overhead Door Winnipeg today to talk about the benefits of your home project!

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Overhead Door Winnipeg will once again be among the exhibitors at the 2015 Home Expressions Show.

Home Expressions show logoLaunched in 1974, Home Expressions is owned and managed by the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association, an organization that we have always been proud to support. Home Expressions is the largest show in Manitoba that brings local suppliers and consumers together under one roof, and we have been a part of the show for over 30 years.

Come to downtown Winnipeg on March 27th thru 29th and head to the RBC Convention Centre to start planning your spring project. We will be showcasing new products, featuring a running overhead door and operator along with samples and brochures. We can be found on the 3rd floor in 2 places – Overhead Door Winnipeg can be found at booth 1134 and Winnipeg Door & Gate can be found at booth 1017/1116.

So put a spring in your step and come say hi at the Home Expressions Show 2015!

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Daily rituals like opening and closing the garage door are so ingrained in our daily routine that sometimes it can be hard to remember if you closed it when you left home.

myQ logoThankfully, there’s an app for that!

The LiftMaster® MyQ® Home and Property Control mobile application allows you to monitor and control your garage door, gate, commercial door and home lighting from anywhere with your Internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere, any time.

Imagine receiving an alert if you left your garage or gate open, or being able to turn on your lights before you got home. This internet gateway provides peace of mind, time after time.

Click here to see if your garage door is compatible, or contact us today to talk about this and other security options available for your overhead door and home.

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