A Cost vs. Value Report was conducted in the U.S. to compare the average cost of 36 popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale.

Nationally, garage door replacement resulted in 88.4% of costs recouped on average. Compare that to a more common renovation project such as a major kitchen remodel, which results in an average of 67.8% of costs recouped, and you can see why garage door replacement is not only one of the more effortless home renovation projects that you can tackle, but also one of the more lucrative projects.

Homeowners may not naturally think of garage door replacement as a home renovation, but with the array of styles and models available today, the benefits of a new garage door could extend beyond the resale value of your home.

Increased home security, increased energy savings, enhanced appearance of the home, and a reduction in time spent on garage door maintenance are just some of the benefits a new garage door owner can expect.

Contact the team at Overhead Door Winnipeg today to talk about the benefits of your home project!

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Overhead Door Winnipeg will once again be among the exhibitors at the 2015 Home Expressions Show.

Home Expressions show logoLaunched in 1974, Home Expressions is owned and managed by the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association, an organization that we have always been proud to support. Home Expressions is the largest show in Manitoba that brings local suppliers and consumers together under one roof, and we have been a part of the show for over 30 years.

Come to downtown Winnipeg on March 27th thru 29th and head to the RBC Convention Centre to start planning your spring project. We will be showcasing new products, featuring a running overhead door and operator along with samples and brochures. We can be found on the 3rd floor in 2 places – Overhead Door Winnipeg can be found at booth 1134 and Winnipeg Door & Gate can be found at booth 1017/1116.

So put a spring in your step and come say hi at the Home Expressions Show 2015!

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Daily rituals like opening and closing the garage door are so ingrained in our daily routine that sometimes it can be hard to remember if you closed it when you left home.

myQ logoThankfully, there’s an app for that!

The LiftMaster® MyQ® Home and Property Control mobile application allows you to monitor and control your garage door, gate, commercial door and home lighting from anywhere with your Internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere, any time.

Imagine receiving an alert if you left your garage or gate open, or being able to turn on your lights before you got home. This internet gateway provides peace of mind, time after time.

Click here to see if your garage door is compatible, or contact us today to talk about this and other security options available for your overhead door and home.

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Spring is only hours away! Everyone is itching to get outdoors and…start those renovation projects?

Home renovation projects might not be what’s motivating you to get outdoors, but spring is the time that many homeowners take stock of their surroundings and assess whether anything needs sprucing up.

And what’s the best kind of home renovation? Some might say one that makes you feel proud when you arrive at your home, some might say one that increases the resale value of your home, some might say one that makes your home more safe, and some might say a renovation with a high return on investment.

There exists a home improvement project that does all of this and it’s a project that you don’t have to DIY! According to a U.S. survey conducted by Remodeling magazine, garage door replacement is a top home improvement project in terms of affordability and paying for itself.

To make this renovation decision really easy for you, Overhead Door offers free estimates and 15% off a new door when you book your install. Now get outside and enjoy yourself – your new door will be waiting for you at home.

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broken-garage-door-torsion-spring-feb2015Most of us are trying to eliminate tension from our lives. But tension is necessary when it comes to opening your garage door either remotely or manually.

If you’re like most homeowners, upon realizing that your overhead door will not open, you might get on all fours and look deeply into the sensors of your garage door opener (just what ARE people looking for when they do that?). Or maybe you’ll start pulling on various parts of the assembly, to see if the problem jumps out at you.

Please don’t do that. Whether your garage door gets stuck open or closed, a safety risk could exist.

Read this article to learn more about what the problem could be.

Be sure to contact a professional to diagnose and treat your overhead door problems safely and efficiently.

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torsion-springs-or-extension-springsfeb2015You might be thinking: Why would I ask specifically about the type of springs that form part of my overhead door installation? Isn’t the spring mechanism standard fare, par for the course and all that?

The truth is, there are some generalities about garage door springs and assumptions that can be made, but each homeowner or business has to be looked at independently by the installer, in order to address individual needs.

Sometimes one type of spring will be recommended from a safety and operation standpoint, but logistically speaking, that type will not work.

As the ultimate project manager of your overhead door install, it’s important that you understand the differences and the impact they could have on your life in the months and years to come. Read this to learn more and call us to talk about your project.

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garage-door-insulation-feb2015Ah, February in Manitoba, such a magical time when thoughts go to…insulation? Yes it’s true, there are many things that are inherent to a Manitoba lifestyle, and some might be rather unglamorous but they go a long way to preserving our comfort and peace of mind. You probably don’t think too much about the insulation factor of your overhead door, which is understandable.

But perhaps that’s because you’ve only ever been exposed to one standardized type of insulated garage door and not had the options adequately explained. There might be something available to you that would better suit your needs.

Read this to learn about the differences between two types of basic garage door insulation. Contact us to talk about your needs and which type of insulation would better suit your lifestyle.

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If you need to secure a single area, but not a whole building, Roll Shutters are the solution you need.  They are the ideal way to secure your location in a mall, office building, or outdoor promenade when you are closed, but the rest of the area remains open.

Roll shutters from Overhead Door Winnipeg are custom made for your location, so they’re always a perfect fit.  You can choose different materials and construction depending on the level of security that you need.  Roll shutters are available in a wide range of colours, and provide a tidy look to your business, even when it’s closed.  Your assets can be hidden from view, and unauthorized access prevented by a heavy- duty key lock, which can be master keyed.

Roll Shutters can be manually operated, or controlled by a motorized drive system with a remote control, depending on your requirements.

Ideal locations for roll shutters?  Anywhere there’s a counter or area that needs to be secured.  Fast food outlets, transaction wickets, pharmacies, schools, and community centres, as well as a whole host of other applications can benefit from the clean appearance and increased security level provided by a lockable cover over windows and in front of customer service areas.

Roll shutters will prevent and deter theft and vandalism, provide a barrier for fire protection, and are far less obtrusive than other security treatments like prison-style metal bars or chain link fencing.  Because they are custom fitted to your need, their installation will be neat and professional in appearance.  Roll shutters will look good, whether open or closed.

To find out how roll shutters can beautify your business while increasing your security level and saving you money, contact Overhead Door of Winnipeg online, or visit our showroom at 470 Des Meurons Street.

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As anyone who has ever spent a winter day in Winnipeg knows, it’s cold here. So cold, at times, that you can’t start your car without a block heater, and it’s unsafe to spend a great deal of time outdoors.

We all know that energy costs are going nowhere but up. How does a business owner make a dent in skyrocketing prices of gas, oil and electricity when it comes to heating? The only answer is energy conservation through insulation.

If you have a shop with overhead doors, you are likely doing your best to minimize the amount of time that the door is open during cold weather, because when you do open it, you are attempting to heat the outdoors – always a losing battle.

But what about the time that the door is shut? It’s still a thermal weak point in the perimeter of your building. That’s why you need a quality, insulated door to do battle with the elements for you.

Thermacore® AP Model 850 insulated doors are engineered to deliver maximum thermal efficiency, while living up to all the other expectations you have in an overhead door.

Available in widths up to 40’2”, and a height up to 24’1”, Thermacore® AP doors are rated to have an R-value of 26, and a model with an R-value of 40 will soon be available. These doors are ideal for applications where you expect climate control, durability, and ease of maintenance. Installed by Overhead Door of Winnipeg, Thermacore® AP Advanced Performance Commercial Sectional doors come with a 10 year delamination warranty, 1 year warranty on material and workmanship, and a 3 year/20.000 cycle door and operator system warranty.

When you install a Thermacore® AP Model 850 door, you can be sure you’re getting the most advanced thermal performance values published by any major US manufacturer of 3” insulated doors

To start saving money on the high cost of energy in your shop facility by overhead doors with the best available thermal properties, contact Overhead Door of Winnipeg today.

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At Overhead Door of Winnipeg, we proudly sell dock equipment products from Pentalift, one of North America’s largest and best manufacturers of loading dock equipment.

Dock Equipment WinnipegEvery loading dock needs a leveling system, to allow for variances in trailer heights and expedite the loading/unloading of cargo across the gap between the trailer and the dock.  Pentalift makes a wide range of leveling devices, including economical and reliable mechanical levelers, heavy-duty hydraulic systems, vertically storing levelers for facilities where temperature control and cleanliness are imperatives, and even a solar powered hydraulic dock leveler, eliminating the need for an expensive dedicated power supply.

In addition to dock levelers, Pentalift offers a complete line of products designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of your loading facility.  Vehicle restraint systems that lock trailers into position, wheel chocks, dock bumpers to protect your building, energy efficient LED dock lighting systems, and seals and shelters to ensure the comfort and safety of workers and the energy efficiency of your building.

When it comes time to outfit a newly built loading facility, or to retrofit your existing dock, come to Overhead Door of Winnipeg for access to our years of design and installation experience.  We’ve checked the products available across the industry, and we find that Pentalift loading dock equipment is best engineered for safety and longevity.  LEED information is available on all of their products, and their particular combination of environmental and safety concern in their quality products are completely in line with the goals of Overhead Door of Winnipeg – 100% safety and customer satisfaction.

If you’re outfitting a loading dock, contact Overhead Door of Winnipeg online or by telephone at (204) 233-8621. We do a lot more than just doors.

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