In your loading dock, your dock leveler (the plate that extends from the dock to the truck, compensating for any disparity between the height of your loading dock and the truck or trailer you are unloading) is a crucial piece of equipment.  Failure of your dock leveler can be dangerous and costly.  Here are some things you need to know when choosing a dock leveler with adequate capacity for your needs.

Static Capacity

A dock leveler’s static capacity is an engineered calculation of the maximum weight that can be evenly distributed on the dock leveler.  Typical capacity ratings for dock levelers range between 25,000 and 80,000 lbs.  This figure does not take unevenly distributed loads, or the speed of frequency of loading on the leveler into consideration, and accepting it as a true maximum capacity for loading/unloading can lead to dangerous equipment failure.

Dynamic Capacity

A number of factors need to be considered to arrive at a leveler’s dynamic capacity, including speed, weight distribution of the loading equipment, frequency of use, and percentage of grade.  These factors reduce the levelers capacity.   The dynamic total load multiplier is the number that the total load to be carried by the equipment is multiplied by.  The load, when modified by this multiplier, must be less than the rated static capacity of the dock.  A typical total load multiplier is 2.5 – this means that a 20,000-pound load will require a leveler with a rating of 50,000 lbs. to be safely accommodated.  Your multiplier will vary depending on the nature of the equipment used for loading/unloading, the angle of the leveler, and the number of loads carried per shift or per day.  Load multipliers as high as 5.0 aren’t unheard of.

It’s best to err on the side of caution when selecting equipment.  Consider upsizing, because increasing capacity when purchasing equipment is a lot more economical than replacing it later, and your needs may change.  You might be using a palette truck today, but buying a forklift tomorrow.

If you’re outfitting a loading dock, contact Overhead Door of Winnipeg today. We do a lot more than just doors.

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Garage Doors WinnipegA noisy garage door is an inconvenience.  How many times have you had to make a decision when coming home late – leave the car outside for the night, or risk waking everyone up by opening and closing your noisy garage door?

You don’t have to live with a noisy garage door forever.  There are some things you can do to reduce or eliminate garage door noises forever, improving everyone’s quality of life (and sleep).  Some tips:

1)      Lubrication.  Garage doors have moving parts, and these parts require lubrication.  Consult your owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website to find out what type of oil or grease to use, and apply it liberally.  Be careful to avoid any plastic parts with petroleum lubricants.

2)      Replace the rollers.  Steel rollers are noisy, and can be replaced with nylon ones quite cheaply.  If you choose to do it yourself, ensure that you know what you’re doing.  Springs can keep garage doors under load all the time, and make user service dangerous.  If in doubt, contact a qualified service person. They can change the rollers in a matter of a few hours.

3)      Isolate moving parts.  Use rubber washers or bushings underneath the bolts that attach door components to your house to reduce vibration and minimize transfer of noise to the frame of your building.  You can also hang the motor of your garage door opener on some rubber isolators to do the same.

4)      Make sure the seal at the bottom of the door is in good order.  If this seal is missing, or has become hardened by the elements, the doors will make a “boom” sound when it closes.

5)      Replacement.  Garage doors should last for decades, but they will wear out.  If you suspect that your door is beyond reasonable repair (has broken components, rusted, dented, or otherwise worn out) contact a reputable garage door shop for a quote on a new one.

For service or replacement of your residential garage door, contact Overhead Door of Winnipeg online, by telephone at (204) 233-7167, or visit our showroom at 47 Des Meurons Street.

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Garage Door Winnipeg

Winter is coming. 

Typically, fall is a time for preventive maintenance.  Prairie winters are harsh, and it’s best to ensure that anything around your home that needs repair get it now, before the blistering cold begins.  While you’re dealing with your routine autumn maintenance (downspouts, hoses, etc.), take a few minutes to ensure that your residential garage door is in top operating conditions.  After all, it’s going to protect you and your car from the elements this winter.

Now that the kids are back in school, it is the perfect time to conduct a maintenance check on your garage. Here are some things to look for:

1)      Seal - The rubber strip at the bottom can degrade, or be damaged by improper door adjustment or even be eaten away by rodents trying to gain access to shelter in your garage.  If it’s damaged, replace it.

2)      Visual Inspection of the Hardware – look at the springs, rollers, and cables inside the garage door for signs of damage or wear.  If you see anything that looks out of sorts, refer service to a professional.  Garage door springs are under very high tension, and service by unqualified persons can lead to severe injury.

3)      Lubricate – use the recommended oil or grease to lubricate moving parts.  Consult the owner’s manual for the appropriate lubricants and instructions.  Make sure you don’t get oil or grease on plastic components.

4)      Safety tests – test the reverse mode of your garage door opener by placing a 1 ½” board (a 2×4 laid on its side) under the middle of the door and close it.  The door should reverse when it strikes it, and open all the way.  Check the force setting of the door by pushing upward on the bottom while it’s closing (being careful not to get caught). It should reverse relatively easily.  If your door fails either of these tests, consult your owner’s manual for the adjustment procedure, or contact a qualified repair shop.

5)      Door balance.  Open the door manually (disconnect your garage door opener if necessary).  The door should open relatively easily, and stay up 3 to 4 feet above the floor.  If it doesn’t, it’s out of adjustment and should be serviced.

For service of your residential garage door, contact Overhead Door of Winnipeg online, or by telephone at (204) 233-7167.

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Summer is here in Manitoba which means that construction season has officially begun. Whether it is roads or buildings – our summers are the prime time for building!

For building professionals, architects and project specifiers, don’t forget to make use of the Overhead Door Architect’s Corner tool.  The Architect’s Corner section of our website is specifically built to help building professionals speed up the commercial specifying process.

Once you click into Architect’s Corner, you will find everything need for planning and preparation, from technical and resource materials to downloadable project specs, architect drawings, compatible opener and operator lists, BIM project libraries and Overhead Door product brochures.

There is also an Online Architects Design Manual to help you select the Overhead Door collection that meets your building or client demands.  The Design Manual is set up as a series of questions to help guide you through the selection process.

Curious about what you can do with Architect’s Corner? Take a look for yourself now on the Overhead Door site. If you have any questions at any point during the selection process or have questions about the products suggested, feel free to contact us!  We would love to help you out.

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Our Winnipeg office has been very busy these last few months! To make sure we are taking care of our customers the way we would like, we brought on new team members and made some internal transfers to better serve our customers.

Get to Know Our Sales Team!

Andre Cote – is a long time Overhead Door employee and former head of the Parts Department. Andre has many years of experience working with residential doors and has vast technical knowledge. Andre can help you with door and operator sales, quotes and even on-site estimates for all your projects big and small.

Justin McDougall – has many years of experience in the service industry coupled with a background in construction. Justin has been with Overhead Door since 2007 and can offer great insight for your garage door project. Contact Justin for quotes and sales of residential doors, home builder pricing and quotes or even local networking opportunities.

Trevor Bright – has worked with Overhead Door for more than five years and in that time, has gained experience in the Parts department, as a Service Helper and in Commercial Door fabrication. When you work with Trevor, you’re benefiting from his years of experience in the various departments! Trevor now handles all residential and commercial scheduling as well as residential or operator door quotes.

Trevor Knight – now a part of the Commercial Sales team, Trevor has been with Overhead Door for more than five years in a variety of roles spanning from Parts to Shipping/Receiving. Trevor can help you with any commercial quotes, project details, or for any commercial contractor or architecture work you need looked into.

Contact our Winnipeg sales team.

We are looking to expand both Commercial and Residential Sales team! If you have door industry experience or know someone who does who is looking to make a change, contact us or submit a resume with your detailed work experience. We are looking forward to adding more experience to our team.


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womens-choice-awardsCongratulations to Overhead Door in the US for winning the 2014 Women’s Choice Award in the Garage Door Category – for a third consecutive year!  This award is based on a national survey in the US of more than 5,000 women who all selected Overhead Door as the garage door brand of choice that they would most recommend to others.

This award is significant to us in many ways.  First launched in 2007, the Women’s Choice Awards have become the number one source for the best brands, businesses and services recommended by women in the US.  It has set a standard for helping consumers (especially women) make wise purchase decisions based on the experiences and knowledge of others.

We’re very proud of this recognition as it lets us know that the products we sell and the level of service we offer have continued to meet and satisfy our customer’s needs.  We are very proud of the products we carry and to know that our consumers recognize has definitely been a source of pride for us.

Check out the congratulatory video from Delia Passi, founder of the Women’s Choice Award:

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Overhead Door of Winnipeg Garage Doors

Spring has arrived in Winnipeg!  With the warmer days ahead, it is time to think about the exterior renovations for your home.  For a limited time, Overhead Door would like to help you get started on your renovations plans with 15% off all regular priced garage doors when purchased with installation.

From the Modern Aluminum Collection with its crisp lines and sleek design to the Impressions Collection and its artfully molded wood-grain fiberglass surface with a traditional feel – you’ll be sure to find doors that match your home.  We also offer steel garage doors with the same legendary performance. Our Thermacore® Premium Insulated and Traditional Steel Collections both offer premium construction and durability.

Improve the curb appeal of your home this summer.  Take advantage of the warmer weather and great savings now and invest in a new set of garage doors for your home!

Contact our Winnipeg  location for more information.  Offer is valid until June 30th, 2014. Your garage door installation by our skilled garage door experts is not included in the discount.

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Thermacore Overhead Doors Winnipeg

Keeping up with the latest trends in home building and curb appeal is one of our most important jobs, here at Overhead Door.  We are happy to announce that we have new colours and finish options available for our residential Thermacore® collection!

The Thermacore® Collection is a residential collection of steel garage doors that feature premium insulation construction and design.  Previously only available in 7 colours – White, Almond, Desert Tan, Sandstone, Terra Bronze, Brown and Hunter Green, we are happy to announce the Thermacore® doors are now also available in popular Black or Gray!

For a more natural look – we’ve also added two new wood grain finishes to the mix.  You can now also order your doors in the Walnut or Golden Oak finish to match your house exterior.  Contact Overhead Door of Winnipeg for more information.

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From time to time, we are given the opportunity to work on really exciting and unique projects around the city.  Such was the case last Spring, when we were asked to lend a hand on the set of the Sony Entertainment Pictures film “Heaven is for Real”.  The film was partially filmed in Winnipeg, and a few of our Overhead Door of Winnipeg staff were on hand to help with set installations and give on set technical advice.

“Heaven is for Real” is based on the No. 1 bestselling book of the same title and tells the story of four-year-old Colton Burpo’s vision of heaven after a life-changing near death experience.  The film stars Academy Award ® nominee and Emmy ® award winning actor Greg Kinnear as Todd Burpo, the small town father of Colton who must find the courage and conviction to share his son’s experience with the world.

We’re pretty excited to check out the film in theatres!  Not only did we get to help out on the Winnipeg set but as it turns out, Greg Kinnear was also an Overhead Door distributor in the film!  Throughout the film, he can be seen driving his red Overhead Door work truck and wearing his Overhead branded shirts!  What an amazing opportunity to be able to get our brand greater recognition… on the silver screen!

1134662 - Heaven Is For Real(Movie Artwork and Photography © 2014 CTMG. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy of

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend – the film is now in theatres, playing at both SilverCity St. Vital and Polo Park. For more information on “Heaven is for Real”, check out the film’s official website.

Heaven is For Real is now in theatres at Polo Park and St. Vital. 

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Spring is almost here! Which means it is almost time for the Home Expressions Home and Garden Show.  This year will be the event’s 40th year and we are looking forward to once again attend this event.

From their website: “The goal of Home Expressions is to offer you all the newest and best ideas in exterior and interior products, decor, outdoor living and landscaping. Imagine the possibilities and turn your dreams into reality.”

With our wide selection of doors to choose from, whatever your needs are for your home – we can definitely help you turn your dream door into reality!

Look for us at booths #1017 and 1116 (they are side by side).

Running from April 4th – 6th at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg:

Friday, April 4th – Noon to 9 pm
Saturday, April 5th – 10 am – 8 pm
Sunday, April 6th – Noon to 5 pm

We look forward to seeing you there!


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